What is the blackwood charter?

The Blackwood Charter  is a fully immersive, story-driven weekend-long escape room / puzzle hunt style experience for eight to ten participants. It includes difficult puzzles that could pose challenges for even the most experienced solvers, but the minimal time pressure allows you to solve these at your leisure — always with the presence of a Charter associate, should a hint or nudge be needed. Running from Friday evening through Sunday morning, you can expect around eight to ten hours of puzzles. The experience includes lodging, breakfast, and select beverages (alcoholic and otherwise). The Blackwood Charter takes place outside of Los Angeles, CA.


Do you like escape rooms? How about adventure games? The goal of the Blackwood Charter is to get as close as possible to the experience of a video game like UnchartedThe Room, and many others - but in real life. By exploring a location, solving puzzles, discovering a story, and making choices that matter, the Charter is a weekend you won't easily forget. It's bigger,  harder, longer, and less of a double-entendre than you're expecting.

WHat do others have to say?

Past participants have said:

“Better than the best escape room I've ever done... And I've done a lot of escape rooms."

“I will never be able to express how incredible and amazing this weekend was."

“This was a tough challenge, but in all the right ways. So happy to have taken part!"


At this time, no. Due to location requirements and various other reasons, it's best to keep it adult only. However, should the demand present itself, a children-friendly version can certainly be created, so let your friendly neighborhood Charter associate know if you might be interested.

Okay, How much is it?

This depends on the size of your group, the date, and other particulars. If you're interested, go ahead and reach out to info@blackwoodcharter.org. Otherwise, take your time, enjoy the puzzles, and we'll go from there.