Greetings. I am the Executor of the Blackwood Charter, sworn to uphold the values of the organization and dedicated to its mission to investigate the Event, preventing its effects in the present, past, and future.

Decades ago, a group of people stepped into a house in the California countryside, never to be seen again.   What happened that weekend is currently unknown. However, reverberations of the Event have been detected in the years since. The pattern of aftershocks has yet to be determined, but each successive occurrence has been stronger than the last. Based on our observations, we expect there to be another, exponentially more powerful disturbance in the coming months.

The Event has continued to affect the world at large both physically and psychically. It is imperative to the safety of our planet that the propagation of effects be halted. We suspect that a deep investigation of the original events at the original location should grant us further insight into what happened, and give us the opportunity to end the Event’s influence, once and for all.

We are looking for teams of investigators to travel to the Event location, search through the evidence, and fulfill the mission of the Charter. The future of the world is in your hands.





The following documents are pulled from our archives. While eventually determined not to be directly relevant to the Event, they maintain a relation to the type of challenges one might encounter in further investigations. We invite you to try your hand at finding any hidden information. Should you meet with any solutions, please use the form below, or send them directly to, and I will evaluate your responses directly to validate your approval into the program.




Should you be interested in this opportunity, you may sign up below. We will continue to send you relevant materials as we investigate. Ultimately, we will return to the scene of the Event to finish this once and for all. If you're interested in learning more, or receiving more challenges, please provide your information.

If you have discovered any information from the above evidence, you may enter it here.



You may be asking what exactly might occur on such an encounter with the source of the Event. While every experience is different, we can provide some images and information at the link below.